Katy, Kelly and Scott — a “team of experts”.

Katy Givens

Katy Givens is a Cedar Bluff, Alabama native and Jacksonville State University graduate.

She owns and operates her own real estate closing business and is also part-owner of Easy Street Restaurant Bar, and Performance Hall in Centre.

Katy is not the tallest member of our team of experts, but she is absolutely the one person without whom the show could not go on.

Seriously. She’s the only one who knows how to work the computer.

Kelly Turner

Kelly Turner is a Centre, Alabama native and graduate of Auburn University, which happens occasionally around here.

Kelly has a BA in Psychology with a minor in Criminology from Auburn University, and an MS in Psychology from Jacksonville State University. 

She is the mother of two lovely children, Katie and Nate, and the wife of local businessman Kevin Turner, who is … slightly less lovely.

True Crime on Easy Street was Kelly’s creation and to this very day, whenever she yells, “Jump!” Katy and Scott ask, “Why are you yelling?”

Scott Wright

Scott is the managing editor of the Cherokee Post-Herald, a weekly newspaper in Centre, Alabama. He has been a “mediocre journalist” for over two decades. Ask around.

Scott is the author of two books about local history. He lives in Cedar Bluff, Alabama with his dogs, a massive pile of books and a well-worn TV remote control.

Scott says his favorite part about being a co-host of TCOES is the time spent on research and preparation. “I really love to read,” he says all the time — often to himself.

Scott is a 1993 graduate of the University of Alabama, but he lost his diploma years ago so don’t ask to see it.

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